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Willy Le Maitre, b. 1965. Canadian. Willy Le Maitre's long term image based practice has produced work in a variety of mediums. Working as a painter and segueing through expanded cinema into media art- his concentration since the early 90's. Prior to 2005 he worked primarily in collaboration on artwork focused on network and systems for generative media. Since then his work is largely concerned with being alive in the world and in regards to notions of immersion in a generative image. During the past fifteen years he has developed a body of work he describes as the inhabited image - where an image based artwork is experienced in space as well as in our bodies 'an image we occupy rather than one that represents for us'. The work includes innovations with Stereo 3D videos, live VRML performances, VR, 3D lenticular prints and his pharmaceutic Art Drugs. The artwork has been featured in New York at The New Museum, The Kitchen, Canada Gallery, CCS Bard College Galleries, Bitforms, the Baryshnikov Art Centre and in public galleries across Canada. He is represented by Canada Gallery in New York.